HELLO 2019

Hello Ladies!

Yes we are a tad late to the 2019 party, but we have been very busy indeed!

Planning sparkles takes up so much of our time and honestly, we get so engrossed in what we love doing time just seems to slip by.

First up we introduced our new TRINITY COLLECTION, which is a beautiful collection of individually sold body jewelry. This is something we have planned for a while now and honestly we just weren’t sure if you’d like it or not! Well guess what, you LOVED it and we are over the moon by your reaction AND our hoops have sold out! What a way to start 2019.

We ended 2018 on the cover of Confetti Magazine, US on a MAGAZINE, well now you can imagine the set up of me, yes i was jumping for joy and i think everyone i know has a copy of the magazine 😉 sure i might even sign it if they are lucky.

We gave Carmel, the stylist for the shoot, an exclusive piece of jewelry which was SAOIRSE our stunning pink simulant ring. Saoirse will be available early March and already some sizes have sold out. If you have her on your wish list then get to the website and nab yourself the most beautiful pink ring, you will ADORE her.

So, whats next for Cabochon, mmmm well we have FABULOUS new pieces planned with some arriving early March and i cannot contain my excitement over them. The necklace will be mine and the earrings oooooohhhhhh ladies you will die when you see them! DIVINE!

We have a stunning BRIDAL set created especially for our brides who want that extra special piece of jewelry for their big day. Something you can wear again and always remember your wedding day. Jewelry should always be at the forefront of your mind when planning your wedding day. It can either make or break your dress and pictures. Timeless and classic ladies, always keep it timeless and classic.

Our new necklace that we featured on Ireland Am with Lorna Duffy aka The Fashion Boss is proving very popular. As yet to be named it is €95 and STUNNING, what name would you give her? We have Michelle as an option because she’s strong and beautiful like our necklace.

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions, we love your opinions.

Anyway, it’s great to be back on the blog and i promise i won’t leave it as long the next time.


Lisa & Leanne

Hello My Sparkling Beauties,

How are you all, WOW what terrific weather we have had, i am sad to see it leave us. It felt as if we had been transported back to the Middle East only it was much better then that because we were in sunny Ireland.

Soooo, as most of you have seen we have opened our preorder for DIANA again, you ladies sure know how to put the pressure on. Preorder is open until July 22nd ONLY with orders placed July 23rd – We then have a 7 week production time for all Diana rings.

How to order DIANA, follow this attached link for sterling silver or gold plated, pay the deposit and thats it! Easy as that!

Diana Silver


I know i’m a tad biased but she truly is stunning and everyone who has bought DIANA so far simply adores her. Diana is such an elegant ring, really comfortable to wear yet has that WOW factor we all want and expect from our jewellery.

Are you attending the Dublin Horse Show this year? We will be there for the first time and cannot wait to meet everyone. It’s going to be a long week but we just cannot wait to attend it. We also have an EXCLUSIVE item available only at the Dublin Horse Show…little hint, it’s a ring and we adore it!!!!!!

No more about that, i’ll be in big touble for telling you all our secret 😉 If you’d like to attend we have discounted tickets available, 16.50 instead of the usual 22euro so get in touch with us today, this offer ends July 19th so don’t delay.

Right i’m off to Sea Food Rocks here in our fabulous village, if you don’t know what that is you are missing out on a great weekend.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and happy sparkling.


Lisa & Leanne

Hello Ladies,

What fabulous weather we are having, having lived abroad for so many years i can honestly say that no place captures my heart like Ireland does. Especially when the sun shines!

Now that summer has most definitely arrived it’s time to start thinking about how to care for your sparkles in the sun. Are you heading away somewhere exotic? Or having a staycation in Ireland? Caring for your jewellery is the same regardless of your destination.

We always recommend you take our Cabochon Diamonds on holiday with you and leave your precious jewellery in a safe place, less to worry about and less expence if they get mislaid. With our TOP TIPS you’ll be sparkling all summer long.

Creams and Sprays

If you are like me, you will be applying sprays and lotions all day long. The joys of having red hair and pasty skin. First off, please be careful with insect repellents they do contain harmful chemicals so best to avoid where possible and purchase a non chemical one, kinder and safer for you and your jewellery.

Suncream, or paint in my case as i wear a very high factor.  Suncream in general is not harmful to your jewellery but it is messy so just gently rinse your jewellery with warm water and a teeny amount of soap to clear off any residue.

The Swimming Pool

Please Please PLEASE avoid chlorine completely if at all possible. Chlorine will remove the plating on your jewellery and tarnish it, if you do make contact just rinse with warm water and a gentle soap.

Sand and Sea

I live beside the seaside so i know exactly how harmful sand is to your jewellery. Sand is composed of silica, the same material used to make glass! I’m sure you can imagine how harmful sand is now to your silver jewellery, it will scratch and tarnish your jewellery so if at all possible avoid wearing if visiting a beach.

Whist enjoying a plunge in the sea please do remove your jewellery, we don’t want a ‘oops’ moment like in TITANIC! Rings tend to slip off our fingers while emerged in water.

Top Tips

Hands sweel in the heat but shrink in the cold – Don’t panic if your ring doesn’t seem to fit you, it’s not all the sangria it’s simply the heat.

Remove your jewellery when applying suncream, sprays and aftersun.

Pearls should be the last item on and the first item off! Sprays lotions and creams will destroy your beautiful pearls.

Store your jewellery in it’s box or in a soft pouch, this will help avoid tarnishing of your silver.

Silver can be cleaned using any of the cleaning solutions available on the market today – We do recommend having your item cleaned once a year to maintain it’s mirror affect finish. Rhoduim Plating is availble in any repubtable jewellers.


Have a fabulous holiday wherever you are off to and remember to tag us in any pictures


Lisa & Leanne





Hello Ladies,


Wow, i didn’t realise how long it has been since i last blogged, time flies when you are having fun. Where to start, well i completed the Government Pilot Scheme i was taking part in, BACK FOR BUSINESS, this is something i highly recommend to any returning Irish Immigrants, the advice and guidence i had during my 6 month training was outstanding. Mary McKenna, my lead entrepreneur in BACK FOR BUSINESS, has been the devil on my shoulder i very much needed. As a startup sometimes it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus. Set yourself daily tasks and milestones and stick to them.



Cabochon is growing fast, we are almost 1 year in business and we have a very exciting week planned for our BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS, make sure you follow all our SM accounts as we will have special surprises on each one, you don’t want to miss our birthday week. I still can’t believe we are almost one year young, where has that year gone but more importantly THANK YOU EVERYONE for supporting us, it really means so much to us to have your loyal support X


DIANA, WOW WOW WOW ladies what can we say you asked and we listened. Diana was our christmas ring but there was no way you were letting us away with keeping it for christmas. We opened a preorder on DIANA and thank you everyone who has ordered, we are hoping to have them early July. 

Leanne and I love hearing what you ladies want when it comes to all things that SPARKLE! Let us know what you’d love to see on our website, send us your wishlist  and you never know, SANTA might be listening.



Lisa & Leanne



Hello Lovelies,

How is everyone doing? WOW, when they say life is a rollercoaster it certainly  is. Where do we begin with all of our news and how much time do you have.

Firstly, helllloooooo sunshine OHHHH how i have missed you. SNOW, i have had my fill of snow thank you very much and look forward to seeing a few flakes on Christmas Day, but no sooner! Did you love the snow or did you dislike it after you were trapped in with no milk no bread and no escape from the family 😉

We have had a very emotional few weeks, as the saying goes ‘ You’re a Diamond dear they can’t break you’….You really don’t know how strong you are until the shit hits the fan do you! You get up, get dressed and do it all again until everything comes right and it did!


We are very excited to show you all our NEW & EXCLUSIVE designs in the coming weeks. We have 40 YES 40 new pieces planned, we will show you all and ask which is your favourite. Of course they will be super affordable as all our diamond simulant jewellery is. We will have special pre order sales, competitions and so much more for you ladies…..Watch this space as they say!



Thank you EVERYONE who voted for us in the IRISH  WEDDING DIARY AWARDS, imagine our surprise when we made the TOP 5! I mean, WOW, less then a year in business and we make the top 5! AMAZING! If we win,serious competition in it, we will host a giveaway as a massive thank you.

So many gorgeous sparkles on the way as MOTHER’S DAY gifts, soooooooo many amazing men out there and daughters, spoiling their wives and mums. Enjoy your sparkles on MOTHER’S DAY X

That’s it for now my dears, as always if you have any questions regarding any of our jewellery or just want to chat we are always at the end of our FB or INSTAGRAM page. We love chatting to you all and getting to know our fab customers.


Oh if you are attending the charity event in Killashee House Hotel in Kildare this Mother’s Day come and say hi, we will be there helping to raise funds for a gorgeous little boy, we have a great giveaway on the day xxx


Lots of love & sparkles

Lisa & Leanne X

Good Morning All You Romantics,

VALENTINES DAY- The single most romantic day of the year!

If you are planning on getting your special someone a Cabochon Sparkle, then it’s time to start getting organised!

To ensure guaranteed delivery our last date for posting is Monday Febuary 12th! So now you know our last date lets talk SPARKLE….

You know it’s a Cabochon & Co Diamond your loved one wants, enough hints have been dropped, but you have no idea what piece or even her finger size. No need to panic, if you are unsure of the finger size just order the fabulous ring you know will WOW her and we can sort out the sizing afterwards for you. We will CUSTOM make one for her at no extra charge! (more…)

Hello There Everyone,

What a terrific start to this week i have had. Firstly i met our amazing lead entrepreneur Mary McKenna, who will help guide myself and my fellow collagues in the pilot scheme, BACK FOR BUSINESS. I have to say, i think we have hit the jackpot with Mary, she is amazing and just a tad scary! In the best way! Not only have we won the lotto with Mary but my colleagues are also pretty terrific and i’m honoured to be a part of this very diverse group of entrepreneurs! I can say i knew them all when they were just little acorns.

Monday was a very enriched day filled with support workshops from The Revenue, Microfinace Ireland, KPMG and Voltedge just to name a few. We are extremely privilaged to have been chosen to be a part of this Government backed pilot scheme and would encourage anyone, who qualifies, to apply for the next one.

Floating Diamond

Who knew living abroad would bring me this much luck.

Paula Fitzsimons, Director of Back For Business, is one of the most encouraging women i have met. Paula is truly a lady and without her this scheme would not be in place. “No one says no to Paula” The world needs more women like her and if you don’t know who she is just google, Going For Growth! You will be blown away by everything she has done for women in business.

Leanne and I have AMAZING pieces planned for 2018 with some prototypes arriving very soon. We cannot wait to share our sparkly news with you all. For now, we are THRILLED to announce that our FLOATING DIAMOND is now back in stock and available to purchase online. GO GO GO!!!!

Lisa & Leanne